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The Yogadham was founded by Poonam Babbar on 1st August 2011, with dedication to the system of yoga. The Yogadham aims to spread health and happiness through the practices of yoga, meditation and other alternative therapies being practiced at the centre. The main objectives of The YogaDham is to ensure that the public can practice yoga therapy of the highest quality in order to promote and preserve good health within the community and to promote and protect the physical and mental health of people through Yoga therapies by the provision of appropriate assistance, support, education, and practical advice. And we look forward to achieve our strong goals and objectives through the delivery of high quality classes which promote student's well-being and are accessible and inclusive and by providing subsidized yoga in the community by providing education, training and further professional development and support for yoga students. We choose to serve the community by developing both within and outside new initiatives, collaboration and association with other organisations, to extend, diversify and promote the work of Yoga Dham.






Plant the seed of meditation and reap the fruit of peace of mind.
- Poonam Babbar